Top Decor to Perfect Your Living Room

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The right furnishings can go a long way. Step into a home you find yourself in love with, and you might think that it’s the flooring or layout that has you impressed. Often, however, it’s actually the furniture, wall art, and décor. This is especially true when it comes to living rooms, as they tie homes together. We’ll cover some tips for making your living room stand out below.

Don’t Overlook the Tables

You might not think that living room décor planning should start with tables. However, accent décor pieces often go on tables. Further, tables can be the most eye-catching objects in your living room, especially if you select the right furnishings. As such, tables are often in the spotlight, so you should make sure they shine.

Pair Beautiful Vases With Plants

Whether a vase is going on a table or the floor, it can go a long way toward improving your space. This is especially true if you pair them with beautiful plants. If living plants are too much to take care of, consider high-quality artificial plants, as they can still produce a green vibe.

Don’t Forget the Walls

Often, walls get a bit overlooked when folks are buying furniture. However, the right wall pieces can take a living room to the next level. Walls are a blank canvas, at least when bare, which allows homeowners to show off their tastes and flair.

What might you hang up? Fine wall art offers a great start. If you can’t afford originals, you can still find excellent prints at a fantastic price. Hanging mirrors tend to make spaces feel bigger, making them a great choice in smaller living rooms. High-quality clocks can also go a long way!

Choose the Right Rugs and Pillows

A rug can tie the center of your living room together. Meanwhile, pillows can add a touch of flair. If most of your living room leans into subdued colors, for example, you might go with brighter pillows to draw the eye. You can even pair pillows with your wall art!

Ultimately, the average price to furnish a house is $16,000, according to Home Advisor. Given how significant of an investment that is, you don’t want to overlook accents and décor, as they can go a long way. If you need help selecting the right wall art pieces and furnishing your living room, get in touch with our team at Galeria Home Store today!

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