Tempered Glass - Triptych Floral Harmony Wall Art Decor

Tempered Glass - Triptych Floral Harmony Wall Art Decor


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Introducing our breathtaking Triptych Floral Harmony Wall Art – a 72-inch masterpiece divided into three panels, designed to elevate your living space with the enchanting beauty of nature.

This triptych is a symphony of artistic expression, where the timeless allure of blue and gold converges to create a mesmerizing depiction of a single, resplendent flower. Each panel features a unique aspect of the bloom, with shades of blue that range from deep, mysterious navy to ethereal cerulean, seamlessly transitioning into radiant, opulent gold tones.

The dynamic composition of this artwork imparts a sense of movement and vibrancy, making it a captivating focal point in any room. The harmonious blend of blue and gold hues creates an alluring visual experience that draws the viewer into the intricate details of the flower.

Each Panel 24"x36"

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