Dark Blue Glass Tulip Shaped Ombre Decorative Bowl with Bubble Texturing - 13" X 12" X 8"


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Embrace artistic expression with a style that highlights bold designs with sleek lines, neutral elements, and a minimalist aesthetic
Dark blue decorative bowl is crafted entirely from glass, ensuring its durability and longevity
Glass decorative bowl displays a beautiful tinted finish that transitions from a deep blue at the bottom to a lighter shade towards the top with a clear base, adding a contemporary touch to any space
Flower inspired decorative bowl features a unique tulip shape and bubble texturing that add depth and visual interest to the piece
The dark blue glass decorative bowl measures 13.35L x 12.25W x 8.4H inches, and weighs 9.77 lbs
  • The unique tulip shape and bubble texturing not only adds an element of contemporary charm but also makes this glass figurine stand out as an artistic decor piece in any setting
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • This dark blue figurine is molded with glass and pulled to form the abstract shape, which demonstrates excellent craftsmanship.

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