Dark Gray Glass Abstract Handmade Iridescent Knotted Ball Sculpture Set of 3


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Inspired by sleek elegance and clean lines, a minimalistic design offers effortless luxury with monochromatic tones and bold, angular structures
Hand molded, each orb sculpture is made with glass that has been heated and stretched into long tubes
This modern abstract sculpture set features a dark gray glass finish that adds an elegant touch to any living space
Each piece in the set will be looped and molded in a completely new way, meaning no two orbs are alike
Each sculpture measures 4.7L x 4.8W x 4.75H , 4.2L x 4.15W x 4.3H, 3.5L x 3.6W x 3.5H inches, and collectively weighs 2.5 lbs
  • The asymmetrical construction gives each piece its own individual shape and character while still maintaining a cohesive look when placed together
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • Each knotted glass is made from a long hot glass strand that is hand looped and formed into a ball.

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