Acrylic Lace 5 Light Chandelier // Chrome


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You'll be amazed and curious about how the chandelier lights up as you look at the acrylic material along the hidden LED strip. When ignited, it seems to be a free-floating light source in outer space. It will definitely become the center of attention in any room you hang it. Five abstract acrylic sheets hang from the main spherical canopy of this chandelier. Each sheet is unique to the others and has a little different form. Each one hangs on a separate wire and may be adjusted independently. You can build various patterns and hang it as you like. The layout offers a complex and lovely visual that will give any place a playful attraction while preserving a modern design and aesthetic.

This fixture comes with a round canopy that measures 22 in. Dia 1.5 in. H. The fixture also has adjustable wires so that you can shorten or lengthen the measurement according to your needs, Since each wire is independently adjustable, you can use this fixture in a sloped ceiling by having a shorter wire and a longer 1. The maximum hanging length for each wire is 12 ft. The chandelier is made with a durable and dimmable LED strip that is built to last 30,000-hours of use. This is the equivalent of having it on 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for over 3-years. In most households this chandelier will last for over 10 years. Once the LED dies, it can also be replaced by an electrician.

  • Adjustable length - each up to 12 ft.
  • Canopy size, round 22 in. Dia
  • 1982 Lumens
  • 18-Watt
  • Color temperature 4000K
  • Dimmable, dimmer not included

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