Allegra 29-Inch Sculpture - Gray - Home Decor


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 With inspiring and unique sculptures, you can be sure that the object which defines your eating, working, or relaxing space is the perfect addition and the new focal point of conversat                                                                                                                          Allegra Abstract Woman is a beautiful sculpture of a slender woman with grace. This table top sculpture will bring a tastefulness to your home decor and be the focal point of your guests conversation. It is a long and elegant silhouette of a woman represented by its linear and vertical exposure and makes a fantastic art piece. 

The sculpture is 29 inches tall with a 5" by 5" black MDF base. The sculpture is made to last and built with quality high end resin. These living room accessories are painted with high gloss solid color that will last through the years without fading. Adding a smooth, slip-free base to avoid scratches or scuffs to your wood, glass, metal, stone or countertop display surfaces.

To maintain this sculpture, all you need is a dry cloth to wipe down making sure it stays clean and brand new.

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