Black Metal Bird MetalIic Flying Sculpture with Black Block Base - 20" X 4" X 19"


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Designed with the essence of timeless sophistication, where rich old-world textures and warm hues come together for a refined classic taste of understated luxury
Crafted from sturdy black metal and enriched with metal elements, this sculpture seamlessly marries durability and artistry, resulting in an exquisite piece that reflects traditional aesthetics
This flying bird sculpture with rectangular block base features a classic color scheme with black tones, complemented by metallic bronze accents that create a timeless finish
An superb sculpture portraying birds in mid-flight with their wings outstretched, capturing a sense of motion and freedom that adds dynamic energy to any space
The sculpture measures 19.65L x 3.6W x 19.15H inches, and weighs 2.01 lbs
  • The sculpture's realistic portrayal of birds swopping in flight creates a sweeping pattern that echoes the movement of wings
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • The metal components of the sculpture are meticulously shaped, welded, and finished to capture the graceful form of a flock of birds, while the black block base not only provides stability but also enhances the sculpture's overall visual appeal.

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