Blue Ceramic Striped Rounded Vase with Varying Shapes Set of 2 8" x 8"H


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Inspired by sleek elegance and clean lines, a minimalistic design offers effortless luxury with monochromatic tones and bold, angular structures
White and blue vases are crafted from solid ceramic material to combine durability and elegance
A modern round vase set that showcases a glazed ceramic finish with navy blue stripes against a white background
Display various types of flowers in this set of 2 vases, featuring wide mouth openings and a stunning striped pattern that catches the eye
Each vase measures 8.15L x 8.15W x 8.25H , 6.65L x 6.65W x 7.5H inches, and collectively weighs 4.36 lbs
  • A set of 2 wide, round shaped vases with large openings and vertical stripes throughout the body
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • Ceramic is carefully molded, painted, and glazed to achieve the unique shapes and striped design on these abstract vases.

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