Clear Glass Orb Sculpture with Overlapping Rings and Ball Center Set of 3


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Designed with a free-spirited charm where vibrant hues, eye-catching patterns, and whimsical accents transform your space and showcase your personality
This all-glass set pairs simple round forms with complex overlapping rings and a central sphere for a captivating visual appeal
A set of 3 orb sculpture with a stunning display of clear glass with a glossy finish, allowing it to seamlessly blend with any color scheme while adding a touch of elegance
These sculptures' unique design of concentric rings around a central sphere and varied heights add depth and intrigue
Each clear glass sculpture measures 3.95L x 5.1W x 4.2H , 3.7L x 4.7W x 3.8H, 3.05L x 3.9W x 3.1H inches, and collectively weighs 4.79 lbs
Each glass orb in this set of 3 sculpture is round-shaped, featuring the transparent beauty of an acrylic material
Wipe clean with a dry cloth
Each piece in this trio set has been expertly crafted from glass that's been skillfully shaped into smooth orbs and overlapping rings, then polished to achieve a high gloss finish that enhances its clarity and shine.

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