Clear Recycled Glass Abstract Vase with Swirled Colored Glass Bands - 6" X 6" X 22"


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Designed with a free-spirited charm where vibrant hues, eye-catching patterns, and whimsical accents transform your space and showcase your personality
Stunning modern vase adds a pop of color to any room and is crafted from recycled glass material
Clear recycled glass Spanish bottle vase has a subtle teal hue and features an abstract design at the center with orange, brown, and cream tones
Add visual interest and dimension to the home with this unique glass vase that highlights a stunning abstract design with earth toned swirls that bring added warmth
The vase measures 5.65L x 5.85W x 21.65H inches, and weighs 7.78 lbs
  • Cylinder glass bottle vase features an abstract swirled colored band at the center for an elevated eclectic look
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • Crafted from thick recycled glass material with precision cuts and detailed swirls, for a durable yet stylish design.

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