Cream Ceramic People Nesting Family Sculpture - Set of 3 - 10"x 8"x 5"H


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Embrace artistic expression with a style that highlights bold designs with sleek lines, neutral elements, and a minimalist aesthetic
This set of three sculptures is made from stone, ensuring durability and a premium feel
The ceramic people nesting family sculpture set features a calming cream finish, lending a contemporary and serene touch to any decor
The design of the sculptures, depicting abstract human figures in different sizes shadowing each other, adds an element of visual intrigue
Each sculpture measures 7.9L x 4.55W x 10.4H , 5.65L x 3.05W x 8.3H, 3.15L x 1.55W x 4.75H inches, and collectively weighs 4.175 lbs
  • The shape of each sculpture, reminiscent of human forms, offers an unconventional yet captivating aesthetic that sparks thought and conversation
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • Each statue piece has been meticulously constructed to ensure longevity while enhancing the simplicity and elegance of the design.

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