Gold Metal Tree Metallic Sculpture with White Leaves - 23" X 3" X 24"


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Inspired by sleek elegance and clean lines, a minimalistic design offers effortless luxury with monochromatic tones and bold, angular structures
Crafted entirely from metal, this tree sculpture embodies durability with contemporary aesthetics, making it a standout decorative item
Modern metallic sculpture showcases stunning white and gold metallic finishes, adding a touch of luxury to any space
The abstract sculpture features a unique tree design with layered white leaves, creating a captivating contrast against the gold branches
The sculpture measures 23.2L x 3.4W x 24.3H inches, and weighs 5.11 lbs
  • The abstract gold tree sculpture highlights layered leaves with small ball details, a rectangular base, and layered trunk shapes, to add a sense of movement and visual interest
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • Tree sculpture is molded from metal and secured to the base, and given gold foil details on the trunk with white painted details on the leaves.

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