Gold Polystone Bird Family on a Branch Sculpture with Brown Block Base - 15" X 4" X 16"


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Designed with the essence of timeless sophistication, where rich old-world textures and warm hues come together for a refined classic taste of understated luxury
Crafted from durable polystone, this sculpture masterfully combines gold tones with a brown wood looking base, merging traditional aesthetics with enduring materials to create an exquisite piece of art
This bird family with brown block base sculpture features a refined color palette, highlighted by a lustrous gold finish that adds an air of sophistication and warmth to the piece
A standout sculpture that captures the tender depiction of a bird family perched on a branch, invoking a sense of togetherness and natural beauty that resonates with traditional sensibilities
The sculpture measures 14.9L x 3.95W x 16.3H inches, and weighs 3.595 lbs
  • The sculpture's depiction of the bird family on a branch forms a dynamic and heartwarming pattern, capturing the essence of familial bonds and the beauty of nature in a traditional and captivating manner
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • Polystone undergoes a meticulous process of shaping, casting, and finishing to achieve intricate details and a smooth surface, while the brown base is carefully crafted to resemble wood

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