Hopkinton 50" with Mirror Bathroom Sink Vanity -CF4437B50-OR

Hopkinton 50" with Mirror Bathroom Sink Vanity -CF4437B50-OR


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A new edition to a classic style Bathroom, the beautiful Hopkinton bathroom vanity has arrived!

This 50" single sink vanity will be the keystone of your master bath. The strong, classic design commands attention and speaks volumes about your elegant taste. The exceptional detailing and solid marble counter top are hand done. The marble counter top only available in gray, it is all genuine nature material.
Grey Marble countertop. Bisque undermount basin. All side drawers are functional. 8" spread faucet sold separately.

Dimensions: 50in X 22in X 36in (LxWxH)

Product Code: CF4437B50-OR
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