Light Blue Polystone Bird Family Sculpture with Yellow Accents - 11" X 5" X 15"


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Inspired by blissful serenity and the allure of the sea, where soothing hues and natural textures bring effortless charm to the home
Crafted from durable polystone, this sculpture artfully blends light blue and yellow elements, capturing the essence of coastal living while showcasing the resilience of modern materials
This light blue polystone bird family sculpture features a soothing color palette with light blue tones and cheerful yellow accents with large white undertones, creating a refreshing and coastal vibe
A standout feature of this sculpture is its depiction of a bird family in various poses, radiating a sense of unity and tranquility that reflects the beauty of coastal landscapes
The sculpture measures 11.3L x 4.55W x 15.2H inches, and weighs 4.095 lbs
  • The portrayal of the bird family of 3 creates a dynamic pattern, showcasing the natural fluidity of avian movement and adding a touch of whimsy to the coastal ambiance
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • The polystone material is shaped, molded, and hand-painted with delicate precision to capture the intricate bird forms and accents, while the yellow details add a playful pop of color that enhances the coastal vibe.

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