Orange Glass Fruit Faceted Pineapple Sculpture Set of 3


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Designed with the essence of timeless sophistication, where rich old-world textures and warm hues come together for a refined classic taste of understated luxury
Orange sculpture set is made entirely from glass, ensuring their durability and longevity
Pineapple sculpture 3-piece set exhibits a beautiful tinted finish with clear orange and green colors that adds a warm, vibrant touch to any space
Pineapple sculpture 3-piece set features a faceted surface which adds visual interest and the pineapple shape that lends a tropical vibe
Each orange glass sculpture measures 5.45L x 5.55W x 10.9H , 4.55L x 4.55W x 9.95H, 4L x 4W x 7.05H inches, and collectively weighs 8.93 lbs
  • The unique pineapple shape not only adds an element of traditional charm but also makes this fruit sculpture set stand out as an artistic decor piece in any setting
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • Orange pineapple figurine set is molded with glass, shaping it as a pineapple and applying orange and green colors, showcasing excellent craftsmanship with their intricate design adding to their appeal.

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