White Abstract Tabletop Sculpture - Home Decor


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The Abstract Sculpture is a beautiful three-dimensional art piece with a lacquered finish. This is a  beautiful silhouette that will become a focal point to any space.

This abstract art figure is the perfect addition for completing your modern look. What does it look like to you? Some people find a woman interlaced in the sculptures, while others see a flame in the wind. Whatever you see, this piece is sure to be a conversation started and ice breaker.

This long lasting art piece can be placed on a tabletop, home office, kitchen, living room, dining room, or desk shelf. This home decoration features a sleek and magnificent, beautiful gloss to match perfectly with any space. It is also a stunning gift that would make any recipient happy. Gift birthday present, a holiday gift, or as a new home warm welcome present.

  • Material: Polystone
  • Size: 27" W X 8"D X 13"H

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