White Ceramic Dimensional Tulip Shaped Vase with Metallic Gold Rim


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Embrace artistic expression with a style that highlights bold designs with sleek lines, neutral elements, and a minimalist aesthetic
White decorative vase is crafted from ceramic, with its durability and quality apparent in every detail
Round home decor vase boasts a polished white finish with metallic gold rim, exuding a contemporary and clean aesthetic
This ceramic vase features a metallic gold rim for an added touch of elegance
The white ceramic vase measures 8.65L x 8.7W x 10.95H inches, and weighs 4.605 lbs
  • A unique tulip shaped polished white vase for dried flowers that adds an artistic flair, making it more than just a simple container but a statement piece in itself
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • Contemporary vase for home decor is crafted by shaping high-quality ceramic, which is then fired, painted, and glazed to achieve the final design.

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