White Ceramic Marble Inspired Vase with Varying Shapes Set of 3 4"W x 8"H


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Designed with the harmonious balance of old-world charm and updated elegance, where clean lines, neutral hues, and classic details create effortless sophistication with a timeless style
Premium ceramic is used in vase, offering durability and timless appeal
A set of 3 vases that boasts a matte white marrble-inspired finish, exuding a clean and sophisticated aesthetic
Marble-inspired design on these set of 3 vases, along with their varying shapes, adds depth and visual interest to their appearance
Each white ceramic vase measures 4.45L x 4.45W x 7.5H , 4.65L x 4.65W x 7.5H, 4.7L x 4.7W x 7.85H inches, and collectively weighs 3.435 lbs
  • Round shape of these set of 3 vases lends them an appealing symmetry that complements their transitional style perfectly
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • Ceramic is carefully molded into the desired vase shape, glazed and fired again to achieve a smooth, durable finish.

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