White Polystone People Head Sculpture with Speckled Detailing - 12" X 9" X 17"


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Inspired by sleek elegance and clean lines, a minimalistic design offers effortless luxury with monochromatic tones and bold, angular structures
This sculpture is crafted from resilient polystone, expertly combining durability and artistic expression, resulting in a contemporary piece that seamlessly integrates into modern interiors
White resin people head sculpture showcases a minimalist color palette with its predominantly white hue, enriched by subtle speckled detailing that adds depth and character to its matte finish
Realistic portrayal of human head forms that invite interpretation and contemplation makes it an intriguing conversation starter
The sculpture measures 12.45L x 8.65W x 16.65H inches, and weighs 8.33 lbs
  • Human head forms creates an engaging pattern that challenges traditional symmetry, making it a thought-provoking piece that invites viewers to explore its unique shapes and lines
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • Crafted through a precise casting and molding process, the polystone material allows for intricate detailing and a smooth finish, while the speckled elements are carefully applied to enhance the sculpture's visual texture.

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