2024 Home Decor Trends to Know About

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Each year brings new and exciting trends to the interior design and décor world. If you’re planning a room refresh or a full-blown home remodeling project, you’ll want to be up to date on all that interior design has to offer and the trends that are hottest in 2024. Although you may not decide to go exclusively with any one trend, learning about what is trending is a great way to inform your own style and design choices in your home. Let’s take a look at a few 2024 trends you should be aware of.

Nature Inspired

Nature-inspired home interior designs have been trending for a few years now, and 2024 doesn’t seem to be any different. Homeowners and business owners alike continue to gravitate toward the idea of bringing the outdoors indoors. This design trend incorporates lush greenery, earthy tones, and environmentally friendly materials. These all combine to create a soothing relaxed atmosphere.

Considering how sustainability is rising as a priority in all industries, this trend works well with these aligned values. Green living is more than just a trend, for many it’s a philosophy and a way of life. If you’re concerned with combining these values with your interior design this trend is for you. Glass wall art decor works well with this trend.

Smart Homes

Smart tech has moved beyond the realms of office and work and now smart technology is an integral part of our homes and our home life. It’s no surprise that smart tech in the home is not seamlessly integrating with interior décor and design. You can see the marriage between smart home tech and interior design in features such as smart lighting and smart glass. These innovations can make our homes more beautiful as well as more functional.

Unique Tiles

Along the lines of sustainable décor options, is the desire to choose materials that will last. Choosing long-lasting durable materials for your home design needs helps the environment by creating less waste over time. According to Artland, studies indicate that abstract art is the most popular style, followed by landscapes, portraits, and minimalist designs. You can incorporate these styles into your tiling so it pairs beautifully with glass wall art decor as well.

These are just a few of the home trends you should look out for in 2024. If you’re interested in learning more about home décor, glass wall art decor, or you’d like to see the options we provide, please come visit Galeria Home Store.

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