How to Style and Decorate a One Bedroom Apartment

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Decorating your first one-bedroom apartment can be an exciting challenge! Furnishing that initial place all on your own gives you lots of creative freedom. As tempting as it is to buy everything trendy, try mixing modern items with some contemporary items. This approach helps create a home with personality. Follow this advice for styling your pad without blowing your budget.

Define Your Decorating Style

Before shopping, think about your decor preferences. Are you drawn to bold colors and patterns for an eclectic vibe? Or do you prefer a soothing, neutral palette? Define the mood you want to achieve before choosing pieces. An industrial free spirit? A cozy minimalist? According to Southern Living, the most popular decor style is "fresh traditional" in the United States. Outlining your style first prevents impulsive purchases that don't match. Once you decide on colors and textures, make them cohesive with strategic placement. Hang on to special items from childhood or study abroad if they fit your vision. Those one-of-a-kind tempered glass artworks lend personalized flair.

Plan Your Home

While impulse purchasing everything seems like a fun idea at first, you'll find your space quickly filling with items that aren't perfect for your style. Take measurements of your floors, walls, doorways, and everything else to understand the area you're working with. Choosing pieces like wall art and tempered glass artwork can fill space on your walls, while couches, chairs, and floor sculptures fill the floor. Make sure to leave plenty of space for living around your apartment to avoid clutter.

Maximize Small Spaces

While four walls to call your own sounds glamorous, most first apartments are pint-sized. You don't need expansive square footage for a fashionable-looking space. Use these tricks to decorate in a way that makes spaces appear larger. Hang mirrors on opposite windows to reflect light. The transparency gives an airier effect. Place furniture on legs when possible to keep sightlines open below. Limit patterns to one per room to prevent visual chaos. Anchor spaces with a large statement piece, like an oversized tempered glass artwork above the sofa.

Decorating your first apartment allows you to flex your design muscles and make a space truly your own. Define your style, stick to a savvy budget, and use clever tricks to craft an enviable starter pad. If you're looking for home decor, including tempered glass artwork, visit Galeria Home Store to find the pieces perfect for your new apartment.

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