4 tips to choose acrylic wall art for your office

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The office is like a second home where many people spend most of their time. Therefore, it should be a place that feels comfortable and productive enough to set up the mood for work. That is why oftentimes people like decorating their working place with acrylic wall art, as it enhances the environment and also gives personality to the workplace. However, for some, office art can be tricky to settle on. Here are some tips that can help you choose office wall art.

1. Pick bright colors

Color theory states that bright colors, jovial florals, and hues of yellow, orange, and green create a positive, friendly, and creative work environment. So, choosing colorful art is the way to go if you want your office space to energize even the grumpiest coworker on a Monday morning. Shades like baby blue, yellow, and green are the most stress-reducing shades.

2. Go minimalistic

Every office has a personality and style, some are vibrant and creative while others are more modern and minimalistic. If the latter is your case, you want to choose art that conveys that tone. Abstract pieces with neutral tones are perfect for contemporary offices as they display simplicity and elegance. You can choose one or two large pieces of wall art that can create a big and memorable impact to cover a bare wall. Place it at the waiting room or reception to give visitors an interesting visual piece to admire while waiting!

3. Go for styles that give a sense of calm

Stress is a common word in any office space, therefore choosing acrylic wall art that evokes a sense of calm is a great choice for any work environment. Nature wall art, such as beaches, mountains, florals, or even animals, are perfect as the raw magnificence of nature can elevate the aesthetic of an office while also adding peace and serenity. Give your staff a window into a forest or a sunny tropical island paradise with wall art.

4. Follow the Feng Shui

Feng shui wall art plays a vital role in avoiding negative energy and instead bringing good luck and peace to any office. This type of art helps enhance the overall vibe and flow of the space. Paintings and wall decor subject to general feng shui concepts include pictures of water, for example, the sea, a river, or a waterfall. Since boats and ships are closely associated with water, they can also be used for matters of feng shui. Other elements of this practice are wood, fire, earth, and metal. So think about choosing wall art with forest landscapes, silver grooming sets, art featuring fireplaces, or items depicting earth such as plants or crystals.

When you know you and your coworkers are going to be spending 40 hours a week in a space, you don’t want to rush in and choose the wrong acrylic wall art. It is best to take the time and look at different options to choose one or multiple pieces that will make your office look nice but also feel good. Remember to focus on art that will make a positive impact on clients and motivate your employees. You can always re-decorate or move the decor around to spice things up from time to time. If you are looking for wall art options, take a look at our store as we have a variety of acrylic and glass wall art pieces perfect for any style and setting.

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