6 creative ways to make a statement in your house with glass wall art decor

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When it comes to home spaces, walls tend to be crucial in the decorating process. This is so because blank walls get boring, however, they are also a great opportunity to personalize your home. There are many great Glass wall art decor ideas to choose from. Here are 6 inspiring ways to use and play with wall art to make a statement in your house.

1. Play with abstract pieces

Abstract wall art gives you the freedom to assign your own meaning to the piece. They can also be great as statement pieces for the living room as it allows for contemplation and invites the viewer to experience the piece. A simple abstract painting that complements the style of your home is always an excellent choice.

2. Choose colorful ones

Alternatively, if you love bright colors, choosing colorful wall art will come easy to you. These pieces tend to give tons of personality to a space, not to mention they add a sense of fun and energy to a blank wall. Red, for example, is a good color for the living room decor as it evokes a feeling of joy, vibrance, passion, and warmth. Check out this beautiful red abstract wall art, perfect for a home office space or lounge room.

3. Make it a duo

If you have an empty wall, you can fill it up with two small or medium-sized Glass wall art decor pieces you'd like to display. Consider stacking them on an empty corner wall in bathrooms, in the entrance, or even in kitchen spaces. It's ok to leave some extra white space as there's no need to cover a wall entirely if you prefer to keep things simple.

4. Or why not a triptych

A triptych is an artwork made up of three pieces. These are perfect to create a sense of sequence and depth in a blank wall. You can also hang a triptych above the sofa to fill empty wall space. Or why not get creative and make a gallery wall with a triptych as the centerpiece followed by other smaller decorative paintings or items such as mounted lamps? If you love or live near the beach this vibrant sunset three-piece glass art can be just what you are needing to brighten up your room!

5. Choose botanical-themed pieces

If you are looking to refresh your home for the summer, botanical acrylic art is the perfect way to decorate any room. Not only are they beautiful, but they also evoke a sense of nature, calmness, and tranquility. Hang a set of botanicals or nature wall art to bring a touch of the outside world into your indoor space.

6. Show off your favorite place

Find a picture of your favorite place and show it off! Perhaps you fell in love with Paris or a particular beach such as the James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay. Either way, you can definitely make wall art out of a place you love and make it a statement piece at home! Take a look at this incredible wall art perfect for any island lover to show off this beautiful Western paradise.

When it comes to getting creative and finding unique ways to place and use wall art, there are many great Glass wall art decor ideas that can completely change the decor of your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Check out our collection of unique glass & acrylic art wall decor today!

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