4 ways tempered glass art can improve a space

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Many interior designers and architects have expressed how art can be one of the most important elements of a room. The right piece can bring together other elements around as well as harmonize a space. Wall art decor can often make or break a space, therefore if you are looking for aesthetic appeal with durability and practicality tempered glass art is a great choice. This modern and stylish approach to interior decor makes it an excellent selection for those seeking a unique touch to their spaces. Here are five ways tempered glass art can improve your space.

1. Adds balance and texture

This is particularly important for those who live in homes with high ceilings. Many times, it can be hard to add balance to a tall wall, but adding a piece of glass art can help draw the eye upward and make the room feel more proportional. Additionally, choosing a piece of art with texture can be useful in building a more dynamic design. You'll notice how the right patterns, textures, and colors can pull a room together.

2. Provides color and life to a room

Art in a home or any other space can be used to dictate or enhance a color palette. If you feel like your design is monotonous, try selecting a piece of glass wall art that fits the space and create a color palette influenced by the wall art. If you choose a very bold, vibrant, and colorful piece such as one of a beach sunset, you can work with a neutral color palette to make the piece a focal point or create an eye-catching effect.

3. Adds movement to the space

Some tempered glass art pieces such as this abstract red, black, and gold wall art decor, can be used to introduce movement into a room. Using a piece of art that conveys a lot of motion can help create a rhythm between the art and your furniture as well as keep the viewer’s eye moving through the space. Geometric patterns, lines, waves, and textures on the wall decor add a modern aesthetic to your space and can also make a powerful statement.

4. Introduces a unique feel

If you’re feeling bored with your space and need a change, switching up traditional artwork for glass wall decor can be a quick and easy way to bring a new perspective and feel to any room. Different styles will highlight different elements as well as give a fresh and revived feeling to the atmosphere. For example, adding this unique abstract tempered glass art piece into a living room can bring a sense of fun and boldness to the space. This colorful piece goes great in still areas like an all-white wall as it stirs up the excitement while keeping the overall environment harmonized.

When it comes to decorating a space, it’s important to know which elements work best together. Using tempered glass art is a great way to add movement, uniqueness, and color to any room. Keep in mind that the right decor can transform a simple space into something spectacular. At Galeria Home Store we have many different choices and styles to choose from! Check out our collection of unique wall art decor today.

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