What is the most popular art style this year?

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The art that you choose to decorate your home with is a very personal choice. This choice will not only impact the overall aesthetic of your home, but it also does a lot to express your unique style and personality to those who visit. If you want to be a thoughtful curator of art pieces for your home, there are some guidelines you might want to follow. This short guide will discuss what types of art for your home are popular right now.

Abstract Art

Artland recently released a study that shows Abstract art is still currently a popular style that people often use to decorate their homes. Abstract art is an artistic style that rose in recognition in the 1940s and 50s. The focus of abstract art is often on emotion and things arising from the subconscious, rather than techniques or precise skills. Abstract art often highlights the spontaneous application of paint and colors. You can find this style in wall art acrylic

Digital Art

Another popular art form is digital art. The advent of advanced technology has affected every aspect of our lives, including artistic expression. Digital art includes different types of artistic mediums such as digital painting, graphic design, animation, and virtual reality. Digital art can be used in the home for decorative purposes in the form of prints.

Graffiti or Street Art

This type of artistic expression is also gaining popularity and is now available for home decorative purposes as prints. Although we often think of graffiti as something you must go visit, since these works of art are often featured in urban settings of different types, today, graffiti has been captured in prints that can be used in your home as well.


Minimalism as an artistic style and as a lifestyle has risen in popularity in recent years as well. Minimalism is also a popular home decor style. Using minimalist art is a great way to keep your aesthetic consistent throughout your home and to help create an ambiance of peace and space. You can find minimalist pieces in wall art acrylic.

Pop Art

Pop art has been an essential part of the art world since the 1950s and 60s when it first emerged. This type of art is created by using images taken from mass media or even commercialism and then filtered through the artists' own perception.

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