What Makes Glass Wall Art So Appealing for Homeowners?

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Many folks want a home that will stand out and decorations offer a great way to make that happen. However, it's often hard to find something unique. This is especially true if you simply stop by the local big box store and pick whatever is hanging on the shelves. Yet with the right choices, it's possible to find decorations and abstract glass art pieces that truly stand out. In turn, this will help ensure that your home, office, or other space also stands out.

While you might first think of an art gallery when buying art, approximately 60% of wall art sales are made online, according to Fortune Business Insights. Meanwhile, glass wall art has emerged as an especially popular choice for creating unique spaces in homes, offices, and elsewhere too. Curious why glass wall art is so appealing? Read on!

Glass Wall Art Adds a Distinctive Shine

There are a few different types of glass wall art, but one of the most popular forms is using glass as a replacement for canvas. An artist or art printing company can create artwork directly on the glass. This can create a glossy look and vibrant coloring, which can be especially helpful with abstract glass art. Such art can also be easier to keep clean.

Canvas will pretty much always have a grainy feel, which in some cases may be what you're looking for. However, if you want a smoother look in your room, purchasing abstract glass art is a great choice. Further, glass often interacts beautifully and more flexibly (compared to canvas) with lighting.

Glass Works Where Canvas Won't

If you have a spa or pool room, or anywhere that experiences high moisture, then canvas likely won't work. Water can quickly destroy traditional canvas. Glass paintings, on the other hand, are quite resistant to damage from not just moisture but even more direct exposure, like splashes. Glass is also more resistant to UV damage and is often sturdier than canvas in other situations as well.

Glass Wall Art Can Go 3-D

While more traditional 2-D pieces of art are quite popular when buying glass art, there are other options. Blown glass can be used to create unique fixtures that literally jump from the wall, for example. A homeowner might hang blown glass flowers on their wall or they might choose something more unique and abstract.

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